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Huel Powder Reviews

Simon Balmain - Customer Email

I started using Huel in my old job, where we had limited lunch break time, no time to make anything, and not that many local stores to get anything healthy. More often than not, it wasn't possible to get something healthy, quick and cheap - you had to pick two of those three things, either sacrificing your health or spending more money than made sense just for lunch. Huel massively solved that problem by being cost-effective, healthy, and fast....For me, food is wonderful and cultural and can punctuate the day in a great way. When I don't have time, then speed, convenience and nutrition take priority, and that's where Huel fits in for me.

David Soraghan - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

Great product, cheaper than eating 3 meals a day and is helping me to lose weight, simples !

Jack - Email

" July I stumbled upon Huel. I just can’t believe the difference it has made. In every facet of my life I have seen improvement in just 3 weeks. My energy level has increased 10 fold. And this isn’t an embellishment. I haven’t had the energy to run for a long time...I have better focus and concentration. Better sleep. Even my hair feels different (I suspect a result of the improved nutritional content of Huel). Everyone I know says I am a different person on Huel...I thought I would never be able to have this level of energy again. I feel like I am in my 20s again! As far as I am concerned Huel is the fountain of youth."

John - Facebook

"My wife is a registered dietitian, I'm in the military, and we have 3 kids...we are BUSY. I just got Huel for the first time a few weeks ago and we LOVE it. The wife and I have it for breakfast and lunch every week day and it's awesome. I thought I'd be hungry but it's filling and I don't even think about food. A few of my coworkers are now ordering it because I speak so highly of it!"

Justin - Instagram

"Hi, just want to say thank you for existing! I work the usual office job; I sit in a dull cubicle and look at a computer screen for eight hours a day, five days a week, yet I’m the most nutritionally complete and fittest I’ve been in months. I’ve been using Huel for lunch for two months and I’ve already lost 20lbs, went down two waist sizes, and my gym workouts have been easier thanks to the nutrition I’m getting. I could go on and on about you guys forever, but let’s say I did anyway. Thanks!!!"

Joey - Facebook

"Just wanted to let you guys know that I love your product. Last year I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and weighed about 320 lbs (145 kg). I started to work out but it just wasn't really doing anything. I kept breaking even. Turns out my diet was terrible. I was eating out all the time, and not making good choices to fuel my body for the day or for my workouts. So last month I turned to you guys. I knew I could at least get 1-2 meals a day that were balanced and work through my issues of making bad choices. It was the best decision I've ever made. I grab my servings in the morning, put them into two separate bags, and I can have breakfast and lunch and not worry about anything. It's simple, and I'm seeing results. I'm now down below 300 lbs, working out every day, I'm not tired in the afternoon, and I just have a better outlook on life. Thank you so much for this product. I hope you guys are killing it because it is a remarkable thing you have put into the market place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart." 

Raoul - Instagram DM

"On the bus ride to work. This is how I bring my Huel. One serving ready to go, and I mix it with cold water when I’m about to consume it. I love how practical it is. It tastes awesome and it fills me up. I also love how it doesn’t add any more weight to my bag while I commute. This was a great choice!"


Mark - Facebook

"I've been on Huel for almost 7 weeks now, have it for breakfast and lunch then a healthy dinner of under 500 calories. Exercise daily and I'm down about 23lb as of last week. Huel really helps me get all the good nutrients I would never get on a regular diet. Can't wait to try the flavor enhancer"

Rebecca - Facebook

"I LOVE my Huel! I do it for breakfast and lunch, then eat dinner with my family. It keeps me full for so long and I don't crave snacks and sweets anymore! I just add water, 3 ice cubes, and sometimes a double shot of espresso for an added kick in the morning, but I am also excited to try some other recipes out in the future. I stalled losing my pregnancy weight with 25 lbs to go (even with working out and a pretty good diet), and since I started using Huel a little over a week ago, I have shed 6 lbs. I will be using Huel indefinitely."

Stefan - Instagram

"I've been using #Huel for about 2 weeks now to supplement meals.... Whether in between concerts or rehearsals or grad classes, this stuff fills me up and keeps me going.... Gotta say, I love it. It's fast, it's economic, and I have to say I feel very satisfied with it in my diet. So shoutout to @huel for making such a fantastic product, musicians like me thank you for it."

Chris - Facebook

"I just wanted to say thank you for my experience with Huel so far. The product is absolutely awesome and your customer support is even better! I'm a US customer and so is my partner now as well. She just ordered hers a few days ago. I'm already pretty thin, but the Huel has helped me sleep better, control cravings for sugar (soda specifically), and also get lean with just light activity during the day. Keep doing what you're doing!"

Aliusia - Huel Forum

"I just started huel at the begining of May as an efficient way to get what my body needs everyday, everytime, for every meal. I reasearched huel for over a month before hand and was very impressed with the product, mission, and packaging. I’ve had great results and I’m sharing the love with everybody that’s interested. My daughter is useing some for a mid-day snack, her fiancé grabbed a baggie sample to use as a pre-workout shake, & my son is even dipping into my bag with curiosity and a passion for making fun flavor boosts! I love inspiring ppl to live a healthier life. I’m starting with 2 shakes a day and an occasional meal. But my goal is to be completely on huel and only eat regular food on special occasion. I truely believe food is medicine and my goal is to improve my health and if I loose some weight, and have beautiful hair/skin then kudos."

Shane - Huel Forum

"I have been running Marathons for several years now and after a few weeks of training I can safely say that a pattern has emerged regarding Huel consumption and my training times. My goal is 3.5hrs for my finish time when I run these things which averages to about 8.5mins/mile, though I have noticed a pattern starting to form outside my normal time curve. With, what seems like, no added effort on my part I am blowing my times away by 20-30 seconds per mile. It may not sound like a lot of time to those that don’t run but 20-30 seconds is a huge chunk off of a per mile pace. Thanks Huel, Shane"

Max - Email

"My situation may be unique, because eating has always been a hassle or a chore. Most ppl live to eat, I eat to live. Huel has helped me in many ways. I’ve saved a lot of money that I would’ve spent on junk food. I still eat unhealthy food, but a lot less of it, so that’s good, right?? Been on it for a month now, and feel pretty good. I’m at least consuming breakfast 7 days a week, which is new, but probably shouldn’t be at 38. So far I haven’t gone a day without at least one serving, and I feel bad when I only have one. My situation is unique, but I recommend this to anyone on the go, or anyone trying to lose or gain weight. Or just be healthy. I’m hooked. Already subscribed, and added 5 others so far. Thanks Huel!"

John - Facebook

"I have been using Huel for a little less than a year. I have never been able to drink liquid drinks before until now (at least for a long time). It is easy, healthy, convenient and tastes good. I got it just for the ease. I wasn't looking for a supplement drink in particular but this has been great. I have also lost weight and know I am doing it without sacrificing my health. I would gladly recommend it."

Alex - Facebook

"Huel saved my life last month when I had an abscess in my throat and couldn't eat solid food. I'm vegan, so I needed plant-based liquid nutrients. Now I'm crazy about it! Thank you so much for your amazing product and service!"

Robert - Facebook

"Just got it yesterday, and so far it's great. I purchased the vanilla flavor with the Strawberry flavor system Mixes very well, and the vanilla taste is very subtle but doesn't make it too sweet at all. The strawberry flavor is very good too, and it's also not too sweet. Overall, I'm extremely satisfied with it and I'm looking forward to Huel for the foreseeable future."

Michael P. - Customer Feedback Survey

"I’ve tried Atkins and other shake to suppress my hunger during work hours and nothing worked but Huel. I’m also trying to lose weight and I lost two pounds in 2.5 weeks. I’m really glad and happy that there’s Huel!" 

Mike B. - Huel Forum

"I have to give props to the mint chocolate flavoring- just got it today and had for lunch- tastes like a Girl Scout thin mint cookie… I have the cappuccino flavoring also and am about to try in the morning - I tend to avoid fruit flavorings - but with what I am hearing I may try the strawberry soon."

Tony - Huel Forum

"With Huel I don’t have to skip breakfast or think about what I’m going to do for lunch. I’ve used Huel for my first two meals of the day during the workweek and have lost more than 40 pounds so far this year. I’ve won the weight loss challenge at work 3 quarters in a row and will probably win the 4th and last one as well....I also went vegan so that keeps me from spontaneously eating something tempting that might come up. I feel great! This weekend I donated a bunch of my clothes that had become to loose. You can totally do the same thing. It’s easy, healthy, and you’ll feel awesome...."

Kathryn - Customer Feedback Survey

"I have found Huel to be very convenient and filling. Just add water and shake it to make a complete meal. I usually have Huel for breakfast and I am not hungry all morning. As a gluten free vegetarian, I really appreciate this nutritious and quick meal option."

Ryan - Facebook

"I’ve been doing this for almost three weeks. This meal plan dropped my blood sugar from 200 to 100... took a little while to let my body adjust.. it’s been a wonderful experience."

Matt - Huel Forum

"I received my first shipment of Huel late this morning and decided to crack it open for lunch. First off, I love the minimalist packaging and knowing there’s very little waste. It’s a small touch, but it’s important to me and I appreciate the effort. Scoop and shaker both work well. As for taste, I tried the vanilla and was stunned by how much I enjoyed it. I’ve used protein/casein shakes before and although I haven’t disliked the flavor, it’s never been something that I enjoy drinking. This is different. Maybe it’s because it’s my first legitimate meal replacement shake, but I truly wasn’t expecting what I got with that first sip. It’s earthy and full of oats. Sweet, but not overly so. This is something I could see myself using regularly. Thanks Huel!"

Chanel - Facebook

"Huel has changed the game! I have been able to eat so much better than my old cup o noodles or 711 lunch at work. Huel is so convenient and easy to mix up. Thank you!"

Erik - Facebook

"I would definitely recommend Huel, I’ve saved about 40 dollars a paycheck on lunch which has paid for the cost of Huel, I lost over 15 pounds since the end of August, and dropped about 5% body fat. I don’t drink caffeine when I have Huel anymore, I don’t get feel sluggish like I used to (I used to have at least a monster or rockstar in the morning and a coffee in the afternoon to keep the eyes from getting too heavy)."

Jenn - Facebook

"I've been using it about once a day for three weeks. It has calmed down my IBS symptoms, and along with my meds I combine a tiny bit of fiber supplement powder to it. I typically have it for breakfast."

Joseph - Facebook

"Rode my second century bike ride (114miles) just yesterday, and only had Huel as my main source of a meal. I was impressed on how it kept me going throughout the day. I'm definitely sure that I could have gone even further if I could had packed more! My body wasn't even craving anything afterwards, and even the next day I was up and ready for a recovery ride. So glad I found Huel."

Scott - Huel Forum

"While I have only been using Huel 1 to 2 times a day for three weeks, my bg has stabilized at a lower ( much lower) level than previously. For that reason as well as it helping me drop weight, I will be using Huel as a permanent part of my dietary needs."

Anne - Huel Forum

"Just got complimented on my weight loss. One month with Huel and feeling and looking better. Also saving a lot of money on food. So happy I found you all!"

Jimmy - Facebook

"I've gone through 1 of my initial 2 bags. I think it tastes great, especially after blending it with plenty of water. I will definitely be reordering. I use it to replace one of my daily wf plant based meals. Not having to worry about planning and preparing that one meal every day is a life saver and makes a huge difference in my day. Thanks Huel!"

Lee Ann - Facebook

"This is perfect timing for me to start using Huel. I may have to drive 15 hours (each way) from the south of the US to the north this month, and planning my food for travel has always been so stressful and time-consuming. I'm really loving not having to worry about what to make for dinner, just what flavors to put in my Huel smoothie. Tonight I think I'll go with peanut butter and chocolate. So far (day 3) I'm stuck on mulberry Huel for breakfast." 

Jan Fitzpatrick - Facebook

Does me for breakfast and lunch while I'm at work. I whizz it up with a banana, frozen berries and a little coconut milk. Tastes delicious, gives me tonnes of energy, I know I'm getting a balanced diet, takes seconds to make and its vegan! Win win win! Slowly losing a bit of extra weight too.

@8bit_ginge - Instagram

I'm not normally one to post stuff like this but I kinda feel obliged after my first two weeks of @huel. Admittedly, I was extremely sceptical initially considering it's promises of 'nutritionally complete powdered food', but after getting in a routine of breakfast smoothie and a lunchtime addition (to be clear, I'm using Huel as part of healthy weight gain as opposed to weight loss or meal replacement), I'm finding that not only do I have tons of energy, but I'm also less bloated, fewer hunger pangs, my blood sugars have dramatically settled and I'm gaining weight without loading my body with junk, even my dietician is impressed by the progress I'm making.

Putting it out there, this stuff is awesome and coming from someone who has always had a strange relationship with food, I highly recommend it. 

Dan Van Zandt, International Karate and Taekwondo Champion - Twitter

The most surprising benefit of Huel? I'm getting the best sleep of my life!

James Hart - Huel Forum

I have to say it feels like a revelation. I’m loving it. I really like the texture and flavour of the shakes...definitely have more energy during the day which is great.

Overall I’m really impressed by the product and I’m delighted that a questioned my uncle while I was on holiday when I saw him necking his dumbly looking drink!

Patrick D'Arcy - Source: twitter

Just got Huel. Might be one of the best things to ever happen to me, haven't felt this awake & healthy since I was a kid.

Karl Drinkwater - Source: Caredig I Natur blog

Most people expected to dislike it, but the reality proved different: they all really liked it. A mixture of the convenience and the surprisingly nice vanilla flavour helped win people over.

Matt Phillips - Source: Radio 4 

I found the convenience really quite useful and health definitely comes into play. Being able to receive your week’s food / shopping, if you will, in one box that just gets delivered to you and contains very little waste, is good for everybody involved.

The benefit of actually eating healthily rather than unhealthily, as a side effect, is a great one. I feel more alert, a bit more awake, and I've noticed an improvement in my skin. I've noticed an improvement in my general well-being. When you eat a real meal, it’s very easy to overeat, but because you’re eating a prescribed amount with these products, you feel really sated; you feel that you've eaten, you feel healthy, but you don’t feel that bloated awkwardness that you can easily get by simply eating too much.

I do real food probably once a week, I might have one meal a week if you've got a visit with friends, maybe they’re having a barbecue and you’ll sit down and join in socially with them and eat whatever’s on offer. I just don’t need to cook and prepare it for myself any more. It’s great on television, good home-cooked food, but who really has the time any longer. Some people, yes, love growing their own food, and love making really nutritionally complete meals; I don’t have the time or money for that.

Jo Hill - Source: Huel Forum

Nearly three weeks on Huel, and I just love it, I'm losing weight, not hungry, and feeling so much better! I eat a meal when I fancy it, but otherwise stick to Huel, it is perfect for me - thank you.

Jack - Source: Huel Forum

I've lost around 3kg in 2 weeks which is great news, no energy deficiency, no lethargy and if anything more focus and drive in the gym. Resistance training 2/3 times a week, cardio 2/3 times a week, so pretty active, but Huel is definitely filling me up and giving me the right nutrients to aid fat loss and maintain muscle mass/growth.

A A Al Farra - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

Because Huel is exactly what a lot of us need. It is a solution for many problems such as unhealthy snacks, lack of time to make proper food, and find a meal that is a fully nutrition packed (especially fibers and vitamins)

Stewart Davidson - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

Does what I need it to, namely free up my lunch hour for other things and doesn't leave me feeling hungry.

Andrew Durning - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

Used for a week. Total replacement on reduced calorie to loose 1lb a week. Feel full. More energetic. Brilliant!

Laurence Chester - Customer email

My Huel just came and here are my first thoughts.

Delivery was very fast, efficient and the tracking is great. I like the store doesn't require a signup and that delivery is included. T-shirt and presentation are nice.

It makes it simple that a scoop is ~150kcal. With Mana I had to do exactly a third of a day's portion since I have to use the right ratio of oil (marked on the bottle) to powder. Worse still I found Mana separated quickly; Huel seems better. Huel is easier in this regard. I find the package size a bit too large, sealing it is annoying.

Taste is very good. More neutral and nicer than Mana. It's satiating too.

David Graham - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

Does what it says, excellent meal replacement for people on the go. Found it especially convenient when racing mountain bikes.

Marek Bartoszak - Source: Customer feedback survey

It is not only healthiest option in the market at the moment but it is very efficient, saving time and money as well, and I see much more improvement when I started to going to gym after few years break, and don`t have to buy any proteins etc, just this food and the results are amazing. Thank you very much for this food.

Carl Reddington - Facebook 

For someone like myself; who has M.E, this has been a god send. There are times I'm so fatigued I'm either not eating correctly or not eating at all. This is so simple to prepare and I know I'm eating well and getting essential nutrients. I took some away on short breaks a to too. Pity not enough people know about this product.

ElMerlo - Source: Huel Forum

A great "thank you" to the Huel staff for their creation and for their customer care service: one of the best I experienced, ever.

David Thomas - Source: Customer Feedback Survey

I work away from home during the week, and often have very busy days where my diet would likely suffer. Huel is perfect for me. I get all the nutrients I need, in a format I can take anywhere with me. Why *wouldn't* I recommend it!?

@Pascal - Huel Forum

Love this aspect as well: it makes it so much simpler getting what you need from food!

It has really changed my relationship with food too: I actually love cooking, love great food, love going out for dinner. But with the daily rush and work: there is not always time for a proper meal and proper cooking!
Those days (and let’s be honest: at least 60% of my days are those days) I’d hate having to put money, time and effort into cooking something I wouldn’t love AND risked not really nourish me (aka fastfood).

Now when I cook - I COOK. It’s a much more conscious decision, not something I have to do day in day out. When I don’t have the time to cook: fine, I’ll have Huel: fast, cheap, nutritious.
When I do have time to cook, I enjoy it all the more since I haven’t been forced to cook half-assed drab during the week!

And the time: my lunchtime is MINE now. Not forced to shop, cook, chew, wash up - just blend, drink up and the rest of my lunch hour I can do whatever I want.

Mary Lea

I am a trainee nurse and with twelve hour shifts, six hours either side of a half hour break for lunch, and I find huel really useful. In addition, sometimes I'll have fruit for breakfast, sometimes huel as well (the latter when I am more hungry.) If I had to choke down a sandwich or a microwaved ready meal during my lunchbreaks I really wouldn't enjoy it, and I know from experience that ready meals and sandwiches and other typical hospital lunches don't keep me going as long. Yes, I could spend ages after a busy day planning a wonderfully balanced salad or something, but why bother? Plus, student nurses can't afford a thousand superfoods. Whereas huel works out much more affordable and does keep me full and gives me the energy I need.

When I do cook for friends and family (I love to cook) I enjoy it far more. It becomes a pleasure, not a chore. I have sit down home cooked meals from scratch three times a week, which is more, I suspect, than most people. Certainly more than most people working twelve hour shifts. Huel doesn't mean you can never eat anything else. But it does mean that when you are tired, or in a hurry, you get something that genuinely helps you feel better and switches off crappy cravings. No more coming home thinking 'if I don't eat chocolate I will die!' So, it's not 'all huel and nothing else.' You can eat anything else you like, just as a bread eater can also eat potatoes, a water drinker can also have a beer or cup of coffee. It's a tool that helps you balance a busy life. That's all.

Kevin Potter - Facebook

Not every one are able to have time to prepare meals. I am a long distance truck driver and also a Vegan. I am on Huel for all my food. I have a shake for breakfast and lunch one late afternoon and 2 in the evening with fruit normally peaches or strawberries. I'm never hungry, feel great and I adjust the amount I have to keep my weight spot on. Trying to find truck stops around Europe that do vegan food is non existent so this Huel really works for me. I also ran a 100 km ultra marathon in August and I've never felt so good.

Wilson Cutbirth - Customer email

I have to to say you guys really have something here! I see this as the perfect expedition food especially for breakfast. As well as a great normal life, pre athletic exercise breakfast and mid day meal. If your not craving something hot by the end of the day even a great dinner. I have been searching for the perfect pre climbing breakfast meal for a while now, to no avail. Something that sustains threw the better part of the day but doesn't leave you sluggish and heavy feeling. Huel seems to do very well. I have done a few hard all day cragging days and some long all day multi pitch climbs at my limit fueled by nothing but 3 scoops of Huel in the morning and a few light snacks threw the day. I found I performed at my best with out feeling hungry or weak. My mind wasn't on how my body felt at all really and allowed for me to focus more on climbing, usually I find my self distracted by a pit in my belly or a tired food coma feeling. Feel good, climb good. Its also great to have something fast and easy when your preparing for a big climb in the morning and Huel puts the fast in breakfast. As a post work out recovery shake it works great, I noticed it has a great protein to carb ratio for muscle recovery.

 Review Everything - Youtube


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Huel Black Reviews

Huel Black Reviews

James from the Huel Forum

I am a big protein user, 2-3 shakes a day around my gym routine, along with two Huel blacks... This is by far the best protein powder I have ever had, and the fact that it’s dairy-free, too, is impressive. I have tried vegan stuff in the past, and it’s always horrendous - but you 100% nailed this.

Alex Foyle – Trustpilot

Huel Black Edition rules! this is not your father's protein shake - this actually satisfies and keeps the hunger away for a few hours. I didn't have any ill effects and feel like I'm receiving much better nutrition than my own efforts. Not to mention the benefit of having easy calorie counts as well as not feeling starved while maintaining calorie deficit AND still having a large regular meal 1x a day. I love Huel!!

Tif - Trustpilot

Worth the money! I have been using Huel meals and Black Edition powder shakes for a good few months now. They are easy and quick to prep, have a good variety and mostly importantly supported recovery from illness and are also really helpful when my sensitive gut issues flare up. Customer service is fab. It feels expensive when I put my order in but worth it over time and for the quality of nutrition. Thank you Huel!

David Bergendahl - Trustpilot

Super food. I've been eating Huel black since it came out. I have two scoops for breakfast and two for lunch, 5 days a week. Mix in a little instant coffee, and while my colleagues might question my life choices, I have enough energy to bike >10 miles to work and back, put in an intense day at the office, and still have energy to be a hands-on parent. I recommend it to anyone who wants food as fuel that's delicious, nutritious, and high value-for-money.

Lawrence – Trustpilot

Great for optimizing my life. I am a regular Huel powder / ready-to-drink drinker for ~1 year now. (1) I optimize a lot to save time and get more done and Huel regularly replaces 3-4 of 5 meals I have each day, saving me ~1.5hrs *each day*. No other productivity hack has done this for me. (2) Huel Black has so much protein in it and is very clear about exact macro composition, than it has done wonders for my body - worked for me both for bulking and toning, the only thing I have to do is adjust daily intake measured in grams. Makes my life so much easier 🙏 (3) The only type of food you can be having while having a meeting - another productivity hack! I can basically schedule all meals whenever makes sene for my body, not *around work*. (4) Can easily adjust my daily food budget: I know exactly how many pounds I am drinking every day.

Marcy – Trustpilot

Big thumbs up for Black Edition and the bars. Fast delivery and the shakes and bars taste delicious. I ordered the Black Edition because I wanted a gluten-free, higher protein/lower carb shake as a meal replacement so this fit the bill perfectly. A great range of flavours too. Highly recommended.

Tania Moutinho - Trustpilot

Amazing for GF vegetarian/vegan low fodmap diet!I'm in a gluten free vegetarian low fodmap diet, and my dietitian recommended me Huel, so I'm taking the Huel Black Edition protein powder. I'm really happy with it. It makes me feel fulfilled without the heaviness and difficult digestion that I felt with other good brands. It's such a big amount of protein with amazing ingredients. Love the salted caramel flavour. Thank you, Huel! Highly recommend this brand!

BC – Trustpilot (Huel Black Edition Coffee Caramel)

Fills The Requirements. I was told to increase my protein intake especially in the morning. And I need to be gluten and diary free. Could it taste good too? Add to that my preference for not spending a lot of time trying to accomplish this because personally speaking, I'd rather skip eating. Huel Black Edition with it's focus on being nutritionally complete fills these requirements. I personally like the Coffee Caramel.

 Nafi Iftekhar - Youtube


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Huel Complete Protein Reviews

DrC – Trustpilot (Huel Complete Protein)

I am vegetarian and using the Lumen programme to improve my metabolic flexibility and weight loss. To meet my protein macro requirement without blowing out my carbs and fats is hard - Huel Complete Protein came to the rescue. It tastes surprisingly good too. I have used the vanilla fudge, banana milkshake, strawberries and cream and chocolate fudge and the latter is my favourite. I add more water to reduce the sweetness and get 20g protein as a snack. Perfect. They are all nice to drink and not grainy of up leave them for a while after shaking.

Christine – Trustpilot (Huel Complete Protein)

Great source of vegan protein.

Since being introduced to the Huel brand I have found Huel Black edition and complete protein invaluable in trying to maintain a higher protein, lower carbohydrate diet. I find this is necessary for me to avoid blood sugar highs and lows that lead to food cravings and overeating unhealthy foods.

Monika Rohanova – Trustpilot (Huel Complete Protein)

Love the flavours and easy managing the subscription

I have a subscription on the complete protein and I like it, it is a perfect product for my needs. I like the flavours mainly vanilla fudge, but salted caramel and strawberry & cream are nice too. It is very easy to change the flavours or date of the delivery on the account. So I definitely recommend the subscription with cheaper prices.

Ella Nixon – Trustpilot (Huel Complete Protein Chocolate Fudge Brownie)

Huel hot and savoury is so good and easy to prepare. It keeps my energy levels up throughout the day. I looove the Complete protein in the chocolate fudge brownie flavour which the results after a heavy cycle ride or riding my horse is huge, I def won’t be using any other products apart from Huel. Huge game changer! 😁

Erin M – Trustpilot (Huel Complete Protein)

Huel Complete Protein – AWESOME. This is literally my new favorite protein power… chocolate fudge Huel Complete Protein. It tastes delicious just mixed with water… I don’t even have to add almond milk. I’m literally shocked it is this delicious. I’m also SUPER glad for the generous helping of vitamins and minerals. I’ve never seen that before in a product… I’m constantly hunting for high potassium sources - now I’ve found the perfect one!

James - a Huel tester

Huel Complete Protein is the best tasting protein I've ever had, and even better that it's vegan. I loooove the Chocolate Fudge Brownie flavour, it tastes unreal! My new fave way to get my protein fix

Alex Smith – Trustpilot (Huel Complete Protein Banana Milkshake)

A game changer to my lifestyle goals. I'd been putting off buying into Huel for a while now but I finally took the plunge with Hot & Savoury and shortly after, the complete protein. I can honestly say that it's been a game changer to my health and fitness goals. Huel makes it so easy to track my calorie intake a lot better and I love that I'm getting a nutritionally complete and ridiculously tasty meal in Hot & Savoury. I'm a huge fan of the banana and salted caramel complete protein and I don't think I'll be going anywhere else for my pre/post workout shake anytime soon!

Anja McGrath – Trustpilot (Huel Complete Protein Salted Caramel)

I've always hated the taste of protein powders, and didn't have high hopes for the Salted Caramel Complete Protein that I ordered. But it tastes amazing! I shake it with oat milk in the morning, then head to work, and ask my barista to add a shot of espresso and some ice cubes. Give it another shake, and it's the perfect energising start to my day, for about the same price as a caramel iced latte! I also got a free pack of the Strawberries & Cream Black Edition which tastes incredible, it's just like a strawberry milkshake. I tend to blend it with a few frozen strawberries and banana chunks for an extra creamy taste. I'll probably go for the Black Edition in future, as it's more of a 'meal' than Complete Protein.

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Huel Hot and Savory Reviews

John Rice – Trustpilot (Huel Hot and Savory)

Very Tasty Food. I started on the hot and savoury at end of August I am 74 years old and my blood sugers we’re getting to high so decided to try Huel I love it very tasty have lost nearly two stone and feel good it works and is easy to take well done John Rice

Cyan – Trustpilot (Huel Hot and Savory Mexican Chilli)

Best cheap meals I could hope for. I absolutely love huel, I work as a night support worker and I need these quick meals to prepare just before and after work so I can maximise my time before work, brilliant flavours, wasn't too keen on the cajun pasta and pasta bolognaese or the powders but the Mexican chilli, mac and cheese as well as sweet and sour are brilliant, the hot and savoury range seems to be the best

Richard S – Trustpilot (Huel Hot and Savory)

Great product by good people. I'm a really big fan of Huel products. Hot and savoury has been a game changer for me as it provides a break from sweet shakes. It's easy to transport and I really like many of the flavours. I also enjoy the bars and shakes, and the ready to drink is really handy when I'm out and about don't want to be mixing a shake myself.

The Huel team also seems to be made up of good people. I've had a couple of interactions with their customer support team and they've always gone above and beyond my expectations.

Paul Butler – Trustpilot (Huel Hot and Savory)

Huel Hot and Savoury changed the way I eat. Huel hot and savoury helped me manage my food intake and gave me a way of managing my diet and not eat comfort junk food. It also helped me budget my meals better and assisted me in cutting down on impulse food shopping and wasting money on comfort food. I have also lost considerable amount of weight since eating this way.

Mr Di Cataldo – Trustpilot (Huel Hot and Savory)

Truly life changing. I struggled so much to reach my weight loss goals and could never understand where I was going wrong. In the last few months since starting Huel, I've never been in such good shape and the hunger I used to feel from extreme diets has completely gone.

I use them as a base, so usually add extra veggies and protein to hot and savoury as well as add the black edition to a fruit smoothie but they've given clear structure to my meals so they don't get highly calorific which was my mistake before.

Hueligan for life

Emily – Trustpilot (Huel Hot and Savory Mac & Cheese)

Pleasantly surprised by the Huel products I've tried so far! I ordered a bestseller bundle at first that came with a few pre-made shakes, powder, bars and Huel Hot & Savoury.

I absolutely loved the premade shakes, they were all delicious! The powder is just as good as well, and I like to make it a little thicker. I wasn't a fan of the bars, but that's more of a texture/flavour preference on my side. I was most sceptical of the Hot & Savoury- I thought it was going to be gross, like a hot milkshake. I didn't realise that they were actual meals! My order came with the Mac & Cheese one and it is DELICIOUS. When I finished that bag I ordered a few others - cajun pasta, chicken & mushroom, korma. All of them are also great. Can't wait to try more!

Little Tipple - Youtube (Huel Hot & Savory)

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Huel Daily Greens Reviews

Andrew Beach - Trustpilot (Daily Greens)

Huel NEVER Let's Down. Huel makes genuinely amazing meal replacements. I've been using the powders for a few years, and just tried the new Daily Greens. They did NOT let me down with this one. It's the perfect way for me to get my nutrients in the morning in a quick, tasty manner. I can see myself using this long-term to better my health.

Rayray - Trustpilot (Daily Greens)

Huel morning smoothie replacement! Huel is an efficient, pretty tasty solution to my meal time.

The daily greens have replaced my messily thrown-together smoothies in the am & I'm loving it!

Jon Hobday - Trustpilot (Daily Greens)

I purchase the greens from Huel and have become a big fan. Quick shipping and great communication.

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Huel Bars Reviews

Huel Bars Reviews

Steve Hawke – Trustpilot

I use these bars for any time I’m without food at a meal time - I’ve lost weight as a result of having decent food supplements to hand. Needless to say without it I’d probably eat junk instead. I feel healthier and have better blood sugar regulation. Great product, in fact the only product I’ve found that works to sustain you within 200cl per bar.

Ms A Thomas – Trustpilot

Excellent customer service. Sent me a complimentary box of bars when I realised they weren’t on my order as browser must have refreshed and removed them.

Love the product. I have two shakes and one bar per day and a calorie controlled meal in evenings and am steadily losing weight without feeling hungry at all.

Highly recommend this product!

Alan Dreja – Trustpilot

Been using Huel for a month now, slake for breakfast, hot and savoury for lunch and normal evening meal, bar for emergency snack, no alcohol. This combined with a 40 min over 50s dumbbell full body workout, I am happy to say I have today lost my first stone in weight.

So Huel have obviously played a huge role in this, and I’m looking forward to the next stone.

Huel customer care has been exceptional.

Looking forward to trying the new hot and savoury chilli flavour which was announced the same day that I received by order for three pouches of the others!

David – Trustpilot

Fantastic Company, Others Should Take Note. I’ve been a customer of Huel for over a month now with multiple orders to find my preferred products and amounts.

I have only experienced one delay, but that was a result of the latest Covid-19 crisis. One quick email and everything was resolved and products received the very next day.

Shipping is lightening quick from Huel. Order on Saturday and products arrive Sunday.

The products are fantastic, with one month of use I was able to lose 17lbs (100% Huel with a strict 1200 calories per day). The flavor of the powder is some of the best meal replacements I’ve had. The Huel bars are also fantastic (the Peanut Butter bar is a must).

Given the recent crises, Huel has removed the need for me to go to the crowded and empty supermarkets, and they have remained operational during lockdown.

They truly put their customers first and maintain an open dialogue at all times.

Highly recommended and I’ll be sticking with the brand long term.

Iain Wilson – Trustpilot

Will change your life. So my experience with Huel is admittedly fairly limited as I have only tried the cereal and the bars. However, the bars are the part I would like to focus on. They are quite dense which I appreciate may not be to everyones taste, but actually I really like them. However, I decided to go on a diet back at the end of February. I would often have a bar (or occasionally two) of huel for breakfast instead of my usual toast/cereal, I'd have fruit for lunch (as much as I wanted - no limits!) and whatever I wanted for dinner (and whatever quantity - but I would exclude takeaways and fried food). No snacking in between meals and no fizzy drinks or fruit juice - just water (and as much as I could drink). I should probably mention that I am fairly active in terms of excercise but I always was, even before the diet. I have lost just shy of two and a half stone in four months (15.5kg). SO, who would have thought that I would loose 15% of my bodyweight by replacing my usual snacks with something also tasting of chocolate? Most of the people that I know who also eat Huel are vegan so they have their own reasons for being customers, but for me this was a healthy snack which tasted better than most chocolate snacks, which eventually turned into a weight loss programme. I actually would rather have one of these than a Mars bar or Snickers.

However, I also need to mention the customer service. Now, I am quick to criticise bad customer service, but I realised that I haven't been rewarding exemplary customer service along the way - I have rather selfishly concluded that it was simply their job and didn't require recognition. I felt I had to change this, as there are occasions where customer service exceeds expectation and it would be unjust to not highlight it accordingly. Huel is one such example, now I have on one occasion had an issue with one of my orders, however, the manner in which is was resolved was an eye opener. Fast responses, polite, understanding and extremely easy to deal with and a quick resolution - it is this kind of customer service that gives you confidence that should anything go wrong in future that it will be resolved quickly and without any fuss.

All in all, Huel has changed the way that I look at diets, snacking and healthy eating in general. They have proven that healthy food doesn't need to taste any lesser than the sugary stuff. However, the one thing I miss more than anything during my diet has been mint choc chip ice cream. I love mint choc chip... If only they did a mint huel bar...!! (I hope they are reading this and taking notes for their product development department!).

Jo Mitchinson - Customer Email

Just to say that I am absolutely amazed that the Huel Bars have become an integral part of my diet. I am possibly the fussiest person I've ever met and have never got on with cereal bars or protein bars in the past. I usually don't like the texture or the taste.

However, these are fab! I never fancy food straight after training, but these are so functional and practical that I put it in my kit bag and eat it as I leave the pool. It's gone before I even notice it. It doesn't matter whether I leave the water at 07:00 or 22:00, I've never struggled to eat these.

My Huel diet is now a bar after each training session, a 3 scoop Huel drink at lunchtime and an evening meal. If I'm hungry I either eat a snack, or have a 2 scoop Huel. It definitely seems to be working - at the weekend, despite being 20 years older than anyone else in the race I won a Bronze medal at the Hertfordshire County Championships 800m. I also improved my time by 7 seconds since November!

Thank you so much.

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Huel Ready-to-Drink Reviews

Huel Ready to Drink Shake Reviews

Lewis - Email (Huel Ready-to-Drink Vanilla)

Just got my first package of Ready to Drink Vanilla and I felt compelled to say these things are absolutely fantastic. I think this is your ticket to larger success. Eliminates all the fuss of preparation and guarantee's consistent taste; which is just excellent. So simple, quick and easy. Packaging is pretty too. Great job. The powder was just too much fuss for me personally and cleaning up was just a hassle and turned me off. So, I jumped on these pre-orders and am very pleased.

Hannah - Trustpilot  (Huel Ready-to-Drink)

I've had an eating disorder for over 10 years, huel has helped my recovery and continued life going forward. 
There are still days I don't want to eat, can't consume food, too exhausted to make anything, feeling too low to feed myself. Knowing I can knock back a RTD huel without thinking about it or having to feel guilty has changed my life and made a massive improvement on my health.

A John - Ocado (Huel Ready-to-Drink Banana)

Best flavour. Easily the best flavour of the bottles. It's like a banana milkshake.

Tammy Leo - Trustpilot (Huel Ready-to-Drink)

Huel is exactly what the name stands for: Human Fuel. My husband and I are living out of our boss's annexe due to covid and various issues with the house we are renovating. Huel has meant we can take our days' healthy meals out with no prep and no fuss and eat whenever and wherever we are. Amazing when you don't have a kitchen! We are currently using RTD for the ultimate convenience but have used powder in the past and think both are great products. Can't thank Huel enough for making sustainable and healthy food so easy to prepare.

AVB - Trustpilot (Huel Ready-to-Drink Chocolate)

Blown away by the brilliant customer service. Feel like such a valued customer.
100% recommend. Huel is integral to my ‘health kick’ and healthy lifestyle plan. Tastes great, is nutritionally complete and low kcals! Amazing.

Chocolate RTD + Salted Caramel Powder are my faves. Thanks so much, Huel. You have a loyal customer here - I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Manahilx - Holland & Barrett (Huel Ready-to-Drink Vanilla)

Really yummy vanilla goodness! I’m so glad I got this as I’m a HUGE vanilla fan. What I did notice is that it did fill me up, I wasn’t as hungry as I normally get and it tastes lovely too! Winner

Little Tipple - Youtube (Huel Ready-to-Drink)



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